Amphitheater - climbing sector - Arginonda Kalymnos


On the left of Katharina  

Climbing Routes
Route Difficulty Length
Blitz – 5c+ 20m 5c+ 20
Bloodsport – 6a 20m 6a 20
Bouboulina – 6a+ 20m 6a+ 20
Bouboulina extension – 6b 25m*** 6b 25
Donner – 5c 18m 5c 18
Electra – 6c 18m** 6c 18
Hot Shot - 5c+ 20m** 5c+ 20
Ilona – 5a 18m 5a 18
Lysistrati – 7a 30m*** 7a 30
Oresteia – 6b+ 20m. 6b+ 20
Sexy – 5c 20m 5c 20
Studio – 5c+ ?m* 5c+ 20
Sturm – 5c 18m 5c 18

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Location and Driving directions to Hotel ELIES and KALYMNOS Diving Center. location of Hotel ELIES

ELIES Homes are located 100 meters South of ELIES square, on the left side of the street towards Kantouni beach.

KALYMNOS Diving Center is based in Hotel ELIES.

Coming to Hotel ELIES from Kos airport.

Climbing Kalymnos Island