Apartment rental prices

Rental prices for studios with shared kitchen / dining room.

  November to April May, June and September, October July and August
Daily rate 30 € 40 € 60 €
Monthly rent 250  € 500  € 800  €
Discount for families / groups renting 2 or more apartments 4% 5% 10%
Guarantee (for monthly rents) 250  € 250  € 250  €

Prices are in Euro, per studio apartment. Montly rents include:

Free Wi-Fi.  YES
Free electricity consumption per month (kWh - kilowatt hours) 30 60  120 
Free water consumption. YES
Linen change and room cleaning per week 1 time 3 times 3 times
Use of shared kitchen - dining area YES
Use of shared laundry facilities YES
Use and common areas costs YES
Use of swimming pool Whenever available YES
Use of the outdoor shala for yoga and fitness Whenever it is not used by a yoga group.
Free try dive in the pool When the pool is available
Group prices for scuba diving YES
Sypply of personal care and hygiene products (soaps, toilet paper etc.) NO YES YES
Supply of kitchen and laundry consumables (detergents etc) NO
Stay tax 1,5 € per day NO NO NO

Electricity consumption.

Each studio apartment has its own power meter.

  • Has free power consumption as shown in the table above.
  • Pays for the extra consumption at a price of 30 cents per kilowatt hour.

Terms and conditions:

  • A contract for montly rentals is guaranteed for 250 €. Refunded upon termination of the lease after any outstanding accounts have been deducted.
  • The rent is prepaid in the first five days of the month along with the electricity consumption of the previous month.
  • The rent is paid for the whole month / week even if the stay is less.
  • It is not permitted to share the apartment with persons other than those agreed. Not permitted to sublease it.
  • Do not use flame or appliances that may cause fire in the apartments.
  • Tenants must not harass others with their behavior.
  • Violation of any of the terms entails immediate termination of the lease and eviction from the apartment.

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