Francois Guillot - climbing sector - Emporios Kalymnos


100m after the pillar for Kreissaal, heading for the little harbor of Emborios, on your right you meet a white painted pillar with it’s sign indicating your way towards the sector. Following the road you reach a dead end with a small dam. A second sign on the dam shows you the direction to the beginning of the path. From there continue walking for 15min to a South facing wall with corners and chimneys.

Climbing Routes
Route Difficulty Length
Andros – 6a+ 30m ** 6a+ 30
Antonella – 7b 35m** 7b 35
Coloria – 6c 27m *** 6c 27
Dragoner – 6b+ 25m** 6b 25
Guillot corner (two pitches) 45m, possible in one pitch.***, 1st SL – 5c 31m, 2nd SL – 5c 25m 5c 45
Hades – 6c 20m 6c 20
Harmonie – 5c 18m*** 5c 18
I love Kalymnos – 6b 27m *** 6b 27
Ivan est Grand – 7a 25m*** 7a 25
Kapilotracte – 6c+ 12m** 6c 12
Loutraki – 6c+ 25m *** 6c 25
Medea – 7b 15m 7b 15
Music of rock – 6b 25m ** 6b 25
Olivenbaum – 6c 25m 6c 25
Olivenbaum extension – 6c 50m 6c 50
Otavi – 6b 15m*** 6b 15
Pablo Luca – 6a 15m*** 6a 15
Poco Loco – 6a+ 15m*** 6a+ 15
Portokali Taxidi – 6b+ 15m*** 6b 15
Schnappi – 5b 30m 5b 30
Select – 6c 30m ** 6c 30
Stadtaffe – 7a 30m 7a 30
Tiny Tina – 6b+ 25m*** 6b 25
Troll – 6a+ 20m** 6a 20
Warm bier – 7a+ 25m*** 7a 25
Ziegenstall – 7c 54m, 1st SL – 7a 12m, 2nd SL – 7b 22m, 3rd SL – 7c 20m 7c 54

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Location and Driving directions to Hotel ELIES and KALYMNOS Diving Center. location of Hotel ELIES

ELIES Homes are located 100 meters South of ELIES square, on the left side of the street towards Kantouni beach.

KALYMNOS Diving Center is based in Hotel ELIES.

Coming to Hotel ELIES from Kos airport.

Climbing Kalymnos Island