Monastery - climbing sector - Panormos Kalymnos

Access: From the left (south) end of Kantouni beach, you follow a good path parallel to the sea for 20 minutes. As soon as you meet the yellow marks, follow them to the rocks (5 -10 minutes) which are in an open gorge which ends at the sea (total: 25-30 min).

Using the same access for Austrians instead of turning left continue straight ahead following the path. After 15 –20 min you will meet a white wall on your right. Continue walking for 10 - 15 more min and look for yellow marks on your left witch will lead you to the crag. At the end of the main path you will find the small monastery of St Fotis.(South facing slab, wall, overhanging).


In a characteristic landscape formed by an open streambed above the sea. Excellent grey slab. One wall only to the left of the gorge.

Climbing Routes
Route Difficulty Length
Aftershave – 6b+ 20m ** 6b+ 20
Amita – 6a 25m*** 6a 25
Baby – 5c+ 15m. 5c+ 15
Charybdis – 7a 27m** 7a 27
Coky – 6c 20m*** 6c 20
Cresme – 6b 30m *** 6b 30
Il soffio di Eolo – 6b+ 25m ** 6b+ 25
L’orsetto – 6c 20m ** 6c 20
Luna calante – 5c 18m ** 5c 18
Mythos – 6b 30m *** 6b 30
Nikita – 6c+ 20m ** 6c+ 20
Octopodi – 5c+ 20m ** 5c+ 20
Petoiva – 6a 30m *** 6a 30
Pipo – 6b 20m*** 6b 20
Prep – 7a 15m ** 7a 15
Privato – 5b 20m ** 5b 20
Ragh – 6b+ 20m ** 6b+ 20
Sherpani – 6b 25m ** 6b 25
Tabacco e vinere – 6a+ 20m *** 6a+ 20
Task force – 7c 25m *** 7c 25
Wetterleuchten – 6c 23m 6c 23

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Location and Driving directions to Hotel ELIES and KALYMNOS Diving Center. location of Hotel ELIES

ELIES Homes are located 100 meters South of ELIES square, on the left side of the street towards Kantouni beach.

KALYMNOS Diving Center is based in Hotel ELIES.

Coming to Hotel ELIES from Kos airport.

Climbing Kalymnos Island