A unique climbing destination

What is so special about climbing Kalymnos island?jurasic

Climbers come to Kalymnos from all over the world - all year round .  As they say, Kalymnos island provides a lot of characteristics that rate it as a top destination worldwide.

Climbing everywhereclimbing sectors are next door to your accommodation wherever you stay!

Great rock quality: a lot of good quality rocks next to each other. 

Easy access: most of the cliffs are next door. Just 5-10 minutes driving and 5-20 minutes walking and you are there !

Routes of all range of difficulty: no mater if you are a starter or a very experienced high demanding top climber, you will find the proper route for you. 

Unlimited number of unexplored sectors waiting pioneers to map and explore them. 

Excellent weather all year round:  weather 

  • the raining period starts at December and finishes in March but even in this period the rainy days are rare.
  • In wintertime the temperature is above 10 Celsius degrees  although every 5-10 years it is snowing for a couple of hours.
  • In July and August that the weather becomes hot, the famous Aegean Sea wind "meltemi" will cool you down. And as most cliffs have shadow until 13:00-14:00 you can share your day between climbing and swimming !

Combined family and outdoors vacation: everything is so close that your family can stay on the beach or by the pool while you are climbing next door !

Climbing Festivalfamous and anonymous climbers come together in a climbing fiesta.

Climbing and Scuba Diving: Your climbing on Kalymnos island becomes more exciting now!

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Climbing Kalymnos Island